Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce Free Download

Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce

Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce Free Download


Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce Plugin:

A extension for WooCommerce, it is a plugin with many features, which add price by user role on simple and variable products. Add unlimited user role level.The plugin provides a wholesale price input field on all the products including simple and variable where you can enter price by user role.


Features Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Add price by user role on simple and variable products
  • Add price by quantity of product in cart
  • Hide category product and product by user role
  • Add unlimited user role level
  • Set minimum – maximum checkout quantity
  • Disable shipping methods for user role
  • Tax exemption by user role
  • Hide Price and Buy by user role
  • Send mail when register new user and active user by admin
  • Add more fee when checkout by user role
  • Easy translate text label
  • Display text discount with another user role
  • Hide Page with user role
  • Compatibility with WPML



  • Role: Wholesale
  • User: user_wholesale_1
  • Pass: pass_demo
  • Role: Partners
  • User: user_partner_1
  • Pass: pass_demo
  • Role: Resellers
  • User: user_reseller_1
  • Pass: pass_demo

Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce - 1
Wholesale Pricing For WooCommerce - 2

v1.0.1 – 2021/07/15
- Add Display Text discount by user role
- Hide page by user role
v1.0.0 - 2020/12/23
- Initial release


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