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Stocks in News: These stocks can run on the basis of news, make an earning strategy today

Stocks in News: Before investing money in the stock market, one should first know about those stocks, where action can be seen throughout the day. A list of such stocks is ready on dgmartpro Business.

Stocks in News: To invest money in the stock market and earn big, it is necessary to first identify those stocks, which will be in action throughout the day. For the convenience of investors on dgmartpro Business, a list of such stocks is prepared, which can see movement throughout the day. Let us tell you that these stocks show action on the basis of news. If you also want to bet in such stocks, then first check this list. Let us know which stocks have been picked by Varun Dubey, Senior Research Analyst, dgmartpro Business for investors today…

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Today these will be the triggers

Escorts Will keep an eye on the stock. Today the company is going to have a board meeting to raise capital. Apart from this, there will be a hearing on the issue going on in NCLT today, so there can be a stir in the stock.

Macrotech Developers Will keep an eye on the stock. There is going to be a board meeting on the final price of QIP.

Sagar Cements There will be action in the stock. The company has decided to raise capital for expansion and acquisition.

Auto Stampings, Donear Ind And stocks like Megasoft have joined the trade-to-trade. Apart from this, the Steel Strip Wheels share is the ex-date of split.

Paytm IPO That is going to be listed in the market today. The issue price of the share for listing was kept at Rs 2150. This was the fourth or fifth lowest filling IPO this year. This IPO was filled only 1.89 times.

Sapphire Foods That too is going to be listed in the stock market today. The issue price of the company’s shares is Rs 1180. This IPO was filled 6.62 times.

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Tarsens Products IPO Today is the last day. Its issue price has been kept at Rs 635-662.

Go Fashion IPO Today is the second day. This IPO is full 2.46 times on the first day. Its price band has been fixed at Rs 655-690 per share. Retail investors have actively participated in this.

Vedant Will also keep an eye on the stock. Board committee has been constituted for value unlocking measures. The board has said that there is a need to review the corporate structure. The board said that the demerger, strategic partnership will be evaluated.

Kalpataru Power Will keep an eye on the stock. ICICI Prudential Fund bought 0.19 per cent stake on 16 November. Now the company’s stake has increased to more than 5 percent.


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