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Stock to Buy: You can bet in this strong stock of pharma sector, expert bullish for 6-9 months

Stock to Buy: For buying in the stock market, market expert Sandeep Jain has advised to buy on a strong stock of the cash market. Know the fundamentals of the company before placing bets.

Stock to Buy: For buying in the stock market, market expert Sandeep Jain has advised to buy on 1 strong share of the cash market. If you are also looking to buy in the stock market, then you can bet on the opinion of experts. If you want to earn big money from your money, then you can buy on the advice of experts. Sandeep Jain has given his shopping opinion on Gujarat Themis Bio today.

Expert Opinion on Gujarat Themis Bio

Experts said that Pharma Stocks are performing well in today’s trading session. In view of this, experts have advised to buy on Gujarat Themis Bio. According to Sandeep Jain, this is a great quality stock.

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Why bet on Gujarat Themis Bio

According to Sandeep Jain, this stock can be bought for short term. This company is working since 1981. Apart from this, the company works on the commercial production of Anti Tuberculosis.

Gujarat Themis Bio – Buy Call

  • CMP – 547.08
  • Target – 630
  • Duration – 6-9 months

How are the fundamentals of the company?

Talking about the fundamentals of the company, this company works on the PE multiple of 19. The company’s return on equity is 53 percent. Apart from this, the CAGR of sales for the last 3 years is 32-33 percent. At the same time, the operating profit margin of the company is 47 percent.

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How were the company’s quarterly results?

Talking about the quarterly results of the company, in the September quarter last year, the company had presented a profit of Rs 11 crore, while in the September quarter this year, the company has presented a profit of Rs 14 crore. Promoters hold 75 per cent stake in the company.


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