Magento Products for WordPress Free Download

Magento Products for WordPress

Magento Products for WordPress Free Download


What is Magento Products for Wordpres?

Magento Products for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to display products from Magento online store on WordPress website. This module is a perfect solution for Magento store owners who would like to advertise their products on WordPress website, or for bloggers who’d like to promote products from an online shop powered by Magento on their blog. This plugin uses the Magento SOAP API to list products on your web page or a blog post.


  • List products on your web page easily by using shortcodes
  • Fetch the specific products using the product ID or SKU
  • Single product display with custom alignment
  • Carousel product display
  • Modern CSS3 hover effects
  • Wide variety of styling options
  • Customizable button label: write anything you want (Buy Now, Add to Cart, Read More etc.)

How Do I Get Started?
To read the Magento Products for WordPress installation instructions click on “Documentation”. To see the plugin in action click on “Demo”.

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