Allground – WordPress Fullscreen Background | Media Free Download

Allground – WordPress Fullscreen Background | Media

Allground WordPress Fullscreen Background Media Free Download


Allground is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create responsive fullscreen backgrounds using:

  • Images
  • YouTube videos
  • Hosted or linked videos
  • Google Maps


Create fullscreen backgrounds using images that you can upload to your site or link externally.

  • Use a single image or a sequence of images, each one with its caption and link.
  • Set the link to be opened in a new browser tab.
  • Drag and drop the images in the editor to adjust their order.
  • Choose whether to show controls to go back and forth through the images.
  • Set the pause length before changing images and the fading transition speed
  • Choose between 3 modes:
    • Sequence: the default and traditional mode, the images are shown in the order specified in the background editing screen.
    • Single image, random pick: a single image is picked from those loaded in the background and show with its link and caption
    • Sequence, random order: the images are shown in a randomized sequence
  • Add an image as pattern overlay


Upload an MP4 video to create a fullscreen background and add a WebM video for Opera compatibility.

  • Mobile devices performance is not affected and will use a fullscreen image instead.
  • You can also link from a external source like a CDN or another server you have.
  • Add an image as pattern overlay

YouTube Videos

Play a single video or enqueue videos to build a playlist.

  • Drag and drop them in the admin editor to arrange their playback order as desired.
  • Adjust the volume or even mute the single video or playlist.
  • Show or hide play/pause and mute/unmute buttons.
  • Specify whether to loop the video or playlist in order to play it continuously.
  • Set the starting time for the video in seconds.
  • Choose whether to show related videos or not after a video or a playlist ends.
  • Mobile devices are served an uploaded image or use YouTube’s default thumbnail for better performance.
  • Add an image as pattern overlay

Google Maps

Display a map using Google Maps.

  • Enter the address to display in the map
  • Set the map zoom level
  • Display the map in one of the four Google Maps modes:
    • Roadmap
    • Satellite
    • Terrain
    • Hybrid
  • Specify a custom map styling
  • Add an image as pattern overlay

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