Ajax Custom Posts List and Grid Pro Free Download

Ajax Custom Posts List and Grid Pro

Ajax Custom Posts List and Grid Pro Free Download


Ajax custom posts list and grid pro is a wordpress plugin that can be used to show the list or grid view of any posts or custom posts type content with the various ajax pagination functionality like load more posts, pagination with next-previous links and simple numeric pagination.

This plugin supports fully responsive view with unlimited shortcode creation advanced functionality.


  • Fully ajax based posts loading in the list or grid view.
  • Unlimited shortcodes creation by advanced shortcode generation functionality.
  • Custom posts type supports that will allows to load any type of custom posts types data.
  • Allows to select custom category type as taxonomy and loads the posts related to selected category type.
  • Enable/Disable ajax based search posts functionality.
  • Able to hide or show various elements by custom settings to hide or show post title, posted date, animation over image, post image, pagination, post short content and read more link.
  • Allows to modify width and height of the images.
  • Auto image thumb file generation as per custom height and width settings.
  • Dynamic admin settings to change ordering/shorting of the posts by id, title or posted date.
  • There are three types of ajax based pagination available like load more posts, next previous posts and simple numeric pagination.
  • Support responsive views and able to customize the template.
  • Supports unlimited widget creation for the sidebar.
  • Enable/Disable RTL Support.
  • Supports 9 different modern and clean templates.


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